The fact is that the only reason why Azerbaijan hasn’t defeated the Armenians is due to the fact that they do not fight in the cause of Allah. They don’t worry about defending the children of al Kadhim. They don’t care that our imam’s children were chased out of Iraq as their father was murdered, and Shi’a are now chased out of their own land by Christians. They just look at it as an occupation of Azeri land, not the land belonging to Ahl al Bayt. This is the fundamental problem. There is no shortage of weapons and hatred to use against the Armenians; it is absolutely 100% a lack of piety and lack of allegiance to Ahl al Bayt. The only way that Azeris can actually expect to somehow be victorious is through a major cultural shift that focuses on the path of Ahl al Bayt instead of Azeri nationalism. Also, they need to abandon the Ottoman flag. Regardless of Turkic ethnicity, you cannot beat a group of Christians if you are using the flags of those who oppressed the purest family of them all.

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