Alright - I don’t know a lot of friends who are Shi’a. I know this one dude from haramactivities and school who’s not Muslim at all but he’s open to the religion and kind of cool about it. He’s got a friend who’s definitely Shi’a but I don’t know him personally. The only thing is I’m trying to avoid anything haram and anything that can get me into trouble. BUUUUUUT - the obvious way to do this is by hanging out with more Muslims. Yeah, I’m not going to do this with my one friend who’s Sunni because she doesn’t even pray and the other Muslims I know like Umar a bit tooooo much for my liking. So my friend has that friend who’s Shi’a but the Shi’a guy definitely smokes weed and likes to party. Should I ask my friend to introduce me to him so we can “try to connect on a religious level?” He’s obviously not perfect but it might be a good friendship to start to form.

  1. anahtolia сказал(а): Just be my friend. Pls. My personal opinion is that a person’s actions do not will not always dictate their character. Just because a Muslim parties or whatever, it doesn’t make them any less of a Muslim than you and I. Go for the Shia guy!
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