Baheeg, Teer Enta: the epitome of hypocrisy to me is people who ignore oppression as long... 


the epitome of hypocrisy to me is people who ignore oppression as long as it’s not on “their side”

yea morsy’s regime oppressed christians and polarised them and that lead to their deaths but sooooo what

yea the army’s regime is oppressing islamists and polarising them and leading to their…

Do not say Ramadan, but say Shahr Ramadan


Narrated in Al-Kafi from Ghayath ibn Ibrahim from Abi Abdillah [as], from his fathers, from Amir al-Mumineen [as], he said:  

When mentioning this month [Ramadan], do not say ‘Ramadan’ but say ‘The Month of Ramadan [Shahr Ramadan], for you truly to not comprehend the greatness of this month.

Al-Hadā’iq Al-Nathirāh, Al-Muhaqiq al-Bahrani, Vol.13, Pg.13


Grand Ayatollah Al-Udhma Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani


Golden entrance of Amir Al Mumineen (as).


Najaf, Iraq.

Two times Salah has been martyred, once whilst Hungry (Ya Ali), once whilst Thirsty (Ya Hussain)

Mir Hassan Mir (via ijusthaveablog)

Al-Hujjat: Helping Orphans 


Although Amir al-Mu’minin was aware of the situation in the realm of Muslims and paid special attention to the situation of the orphans, widows and the needy, he would sometimes act like an ordinary person to give lesson to rulers and to the community.

One day, he saw a woman carrying a…

Yasser al Habib’s English is kinda good 

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muslims dont even know what moshiach means smh

Their religion is politics

Shaykh Yasser Habib (via toastandbanana110)

guardianship of the jurist is my religion and khomeini is my moshiach 


كيف للشيعة ان يحرروا القدس من الصهاينة و هم يسبّون فاتحها عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه؟

How do the Shia’s want to liberate Jerusalem from the Zionists if they curse the one who conquered Palestine, Umar Ibnal Khattab may Allah be pleased with him?

And how do you wish to be a woman in Jannah if you love the man who angered the leader of the women in Jannah? 


Three of my favourite Sayeds :)

(left to right)

Ayatollah al-Udhma Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi

Al-Shaheed Sayed Muhammad Ridha Shirazi

Sayed Hussain Shirazi


lmao some guy posted a comment on fb and autocorrect changed wilayat-e-faqih to violation-e-freak

that is the rough translation yes? 

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